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Frugal Meal Ideas When Your Broke

We all want the very best for our family right? Well, what happens when we can’t necessarily afford what’s the very best?

I’ve been there. There have been many weeks where money has been tight. The kind of weeks where you only have money left for gas to get to work and put some food on the table. It’s tough. 

But even when we don’t have even the average size budget for groceries, there is still a way to put food on table that is nutritious and tastes good.

With a little bit of work and some planning, there are meals that you can make that are pretty low cost.

To keep costs low, I tend to pick recipes that celebrate the vegetables instead of the meats. I also try to find recipes that are simple, can easily be modified if I’m missing something, and/or don’t have too many ingredients.

When we are broke, there are a few meals I’ve noticed that we keep going back to over and over again. They are good recipes that we enjoy eating that don’t make us feel like we were sacrificing our taste buds with our frugal budget.

Here are a few great meal combinations and recipes to try when you are broke!

Now go pick a few of these recipes that your family would like and add them to your dinner ideas for the week! Your tummy and wallet won’t regret it! 😉

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