Here is a list of healthy pantry staples, but, how do you use it to save money?

These items are generally some of the lowest cost and most nutritional foods you can buy at the grocery store. There are so many recipes you can create just keeping these items in mind when you plan your meals throughout the week. 

Now, if you went out tomorrow and purchased all of these items your going to spend a nice chunk of money.

So I don’t recommend that unless you have the extra money to do so. And if you do, definitely do not buy all of the fruits and vegetables unless you have a meal plan that uses every single one of them on the list. Otherwise they will likely go to waste.

For the fruits and vegetable section, I typically will pick about 5-10 from each section depending what is on sale that week.

What this list is supposed to help you do is create your grocery list before you go shopping. You should be able to go over it quickly and make your weekly grocery list from there.

Where to grocery shop for items on this list?

I like to shop at Winco, Sprouts, and Aldi. But if you only have time to shop at one grocery store I highly recommend shopping at Winco if you have one nearby. They have a larger selection of food items for a low price compared to Sprouts and Aldi.

Sprouts/Fresh Thyme

Sprouts (or also known as Fresh Thyme in some locations) has a great selection of fruits and vegetables on sale every week.

And if you go on Wednesday you get deals from last weeks sale and the current weeks sale. Make sure to check out their specials in their weekly ads before you go! or


Aldi is great for their canned goods, produce that is on sale, and some of their frozen vegetables. I love their store because they don’t use synthetic coloring, have foods with trans fat, or have any foods with msg. And they have great prices! You can also find their weekly ads online at


Winco is great because they have low cost items in each category and then some. They have a great bulk section that has hundreds of pantry staples. From rice, beans, nuts, dried fruits, spices, baking ingredients, cereals, the list goes on. If you haven’t shopped at one, I recommend going there at least once. I always save a huge amount of money when I go.

So if you want to start eating healthy it is time to transform your pantry and start picking up some of these items on this list!

You can download the Healthy Pantry Staples free printable in the Freebie Library!